Our Architectural Interior 3D Still renders deliver the level of detailing that we incorporate in ever interior project – may it be residential, commercial, institutional or public utility.We use 3D views to fullest of effect to conveniently apply changes in color, patterns, edges, fittings, and space planning in the project The 3D Interior Rendering communicates the soul of every building. Our team enhances the same using latest 3D high-visualization tools to give a realistic feel. This can help everyone visualize the designs conceptualized by architect or interior designer.

VR & 360°

Discover areas you may have never seen before in Visuals or Films.
Virtual Reality or Interactive 360° puts you in control. Our VR technology enables the viewer to navigate through a virtual tour of the property. This technology focuses on providing the strongest possible presentation of the final space. This unique system gives our clients the opportunity to promote their properties in a new and more effective way. It is very important for Designers to visualize how their Interior/Exterior Designs will look like in reality. Virtual Tours not only give freedom to the designers but also helps the buyer to understand the design in 360 degrees.


A 3D Cut section or 3D floorplan is a virtual model of a building floor plan, depicted from a birds eye view, utilized within the building industry to better convey archtitectural plans.3D Cut Sections or floor plan designs are useful in understanding the utility of a reality project. The actual available space after the construction of the project can be visualised even before the initiation of the project using 3D Cut Sectional views. 3D floor plan design services gives detailed outlook of the usable spaces.


We can deliver the personal visualisation architecture in the form of fully immersive 3D animated fly camera, so that it could become easy for the investors, clients, and stakeholders to understand. When you compare flat drawings of plans and elevation with the 3D animation than the flat ones are hard to comprehend and it is void of richness as well. And if you are in the profession of architect, land developer, or a real estate marketer, then animated visualisations are the significant entity for the presentation purpose


At Maniac Designs, Design is a tool we use to manipulate materials. It’s a force we use to touch and transform spaces, engage the senses of people inhabiting those spaces and enhance their living experience. We make design delight, hug, exalt, inspire and stimulate persons living in space.

Currently, we provide execution services in Mumbai and Surat only.

The spaces we design are practical as well as aesthetically appealing. They imbibe elements of comfort and elements you desire. We spend a lot of time and energy into understanding the lifestyle and the culture of the occupants who are going to inhabit that space. The location, the density and the scale of the project could be anything.

This is because we want your space to be a sensuous experience. Combining light and texture; solid and void, we give you what you want in an amazing, novel format.